We get no invation from space - but we do get innovation from space

New technology developed in projects supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) has already found wide applications in the non-space industry and into our daily life. More than 200 cases have been identified where European space technology has been transferred to the non-space sectors on commercial terms.

Up to now, Danish industry has only experienced a very limited share of this process, and Denmark has not been active in the ESA technology Transfer Programme.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (Forsknings og Innovationsstyrelsen, FIST) wants to considerably strengthen the opportunities for Danish industry, including high-tech small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from the innovation  potential provided by transfer of space technology.

FORCE Technology, takes the place as national point of contact to the ESA Technology Transfer Programme. FORCE technology has a close contact to thousands of Danish companies and FORCE Technology is already heavily involved in European space project with in the field of highly specialized production processes for nozzles for rocket engines.

On this site you will find background information about transfer of space technology and information about how to proceed with the process for interested companies.   

Latest News 

Danish Space Technology Transfer set on hold


The Dansih Agency for Science and Innovation has decided not to include funding of the Nationalh Space Technology Transfer Initiative in the new 3 years performance contact with FORCE Techniology. This implies a temporary stop in the the activities  during which other sources of funding are looked for. 


March 2010

FORCE Technology

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